THE stacey mowle APPEAL

Monday 3rd Febuary 2014

Stacey has been undergoing "High Dose Chemo" treatment since November 2013 , This as you are aware was to target Stacey's very fragile bone marrow .
Well GOOD NEWS , The latest results show that her marrow is NEGATIVE !! This is amazing news as we have been fighting for 14 months for this result. Her bone scans also show a small amount of improvement !!

Today we start another cycle of treatment for 5 days at The Royal Marsden and await our plan going forward.... I can confirm that talks with the USA will take place ..... BUT we still need your help financially to get this treatment .... To donate visit :

Thanks for the support

Tamera Foster

2 Gravesend girls with 2 Big challenges in there life .
Thank you for your support Tamera

Friday 8th November 2013

Stacey is back under the care of our original consultant. Stacey's bone marrow is extremley fragile & we received news last week that the cancer has again spread. Treatment has started & Stacey is on intense high dose chemo. We are currently on day 5 of 5 , Stacey is doing well and holding her own against this. We will remain in The Royal Marsden hospital until Stacey's levels increase with a goal of her returning home for her 8th birthday on 23rd November. After that we will then be admitted for cycle 2.

Thursday 12th September 2013

Stacey has been very unwell for the last 2 weeks , She has had 2 x serious infections , She has been in PICU at ST Georges hospital . Things are going in the right direction . We have a meeting next week regarding Cancer treatment for Stacey, as things are very limited here now in the UK

Monday 1st July 2013

Stacey is again been taken off the trial treatment for 1 week , Her blood is not good & quality of life is basically extinct .. Stacey can not eat/drink or walk without help from Mummy & Daddy ... Back to the hospital Friday to discuss AGAIN what is best.

Monday 24th June 2013

Typical !!! Drugs have kicked in , STacey in pain, Lost her appetite and back in bed .....

Friday 21st June 2013 - D day

Bloods are great !! Stacey doing well... Very emotional day all round.. Today was the cliffs edge regarding the trial to be continued.. Stacey you did it again !!! We are back on the drugs.....

Wednesday 19th June 2013

OMG!!! Results have come back the same as Aprils .... STABLE !!! We are amazed and shocked nut overwhelmed ... Well done Stacey ..... D DAY on Friday though... Although Stacey is improving daily if she is not on good form with bloods etc on Friday there will be discussions if we continue with the trial drugs or not .. If not then we are very concerned about what is next for Stacey !!

Monday 17th June 2013

Stacey is still poorly  but has started to feel a little better.... Results due Wednesday...

Sunday 16th 2013

THE stacey mowle APPEAL opened the new HOTRODS American Diner in Gravesend today.

Thursday 13th June 2013

Stacey has her MIBG scan today, We are not expecting good news as Stacey has been very unwell for the last 2 weeks , Due to this she has not been on any medication for the Cancer , So along with the UTI infection in total she has not been on meds for almost 4 weeks now.... Very nervous .......

Sunday 2nd June 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates , I'm sure you have all been following on Facebook & Twitter , If not I have been filling you in at recent events over the months, Stacey has been doing well & was able to go on a 2 drug combo trial in March. This has stabilized the cancer , Not loke the Etoposide she was on at the start of replase. Stacey has had 2 courses of this trial but has had her 3rd delayed due to a very very bad UTI ( Urinary Track Infection ). So she is on lots of pain relief & medication for that. Next scans are June 13th, 14th 2o13.

Wed 23rd January 2013

Sorry for the delay in this post but its been a busy time.... Staceys consultant happy visually with Stacey and we will start a 2nd course of Etoposide Chemo shortly.....We will have scans mid Feb to access.

Sat 29th December 2012

Stacey woke up and said her first nights sleep in her new bed was PERFECT !!!! She is so full of beans today and SHOCKED us by getting out of bed herself , walking to the toilet and general tottering around all on her own !!! UNBELIEVABLE !!!!!!

Friday 28th December 2012

We visited our local hospital and Stacey had her blood tranfusion ... WOW what a different girl she is now ......And Daddy suprised her with a new big princess bed with big Jewels on ..... What a picture on her return..

Thursday 27th December 2012

We had a great Christmas and Stacey had come on leaps & bounds in the last few days ... She is now on a pain relief patch on her back and off all other pain drugs... We visited The Royal Marsden also for a check up and they were happy there too.... But blood results showed Stacey needed a blood transfusion within the next 24hrs... All other bloods we were told were REMARKABLE !! Next vist is 14th Jan 2013...

Friday 21st December 2012

Due to the pain in Staceys back , lower limbs and her unable to walk and emergancy MRI scan took place to check her spinal cord !!!! This came back clear ... Also this came with more good news that the Cancer had not reached any muscular tissue , Organs or her brain.......We were told we could go home for Christmas and administer all her drugs she needed at home ..... BRILLIANT !!!

Thursday 20th December 2012

Consultant came to see Sam and the news that we had all hoped would never come had arrived..... Stacey had significantly relapsed !!!! The cancer had returned very agressivly and very quickly since her last scan at the end of October 2012, It had returned in Her Skull, Spine, Hips & Thighs.... We Started high doses of pain relief and Chemo almost instantly......

Wed 19th December 2012

Stacey had her MIBG scan today and was kept in again overnight due to evidence of a Hickman line & Urine infection... This alongside the pains in her head , back and legs......

Tuesday 18th December 2012

We arrived at The Royal Marsden hospital as the team there wanted to see her, but also scheduled to have her MIBG injection ready for her scan the next day.... Stacey spiked another temperature while there so she was admitted there overnight !

Monday 17th December 2012

We took Stacey to our local today as she again spiked a temperature , Blood was taken and we had more antibiotics to come home with.....

Wednesday 12th December 2012

Seen the consultant today at The Royal Marsden , Stacey seems to be over the line infection but has been suffering from pain in some parts of her head when touched?? We will be having MIBG test to be on the safe side on Wed 19th December ... The initial thougts are that this is due to her having been unwell ... We get the results on Christmas Eve !! So anxious times for us all but im sure all we be fine and we will have a magical Christmas..............................

Wednesday 28th November 2012

After spending 14hrs at our local hospital yesterday and sent home all happy, we go back to start antibiotics for 7 days as the hospital have established that Stacey has a line infection ... Not very happy with the Hospital and will be making a written complaint tegarding what happened....

Sunday 25th November

Stacey has become unwell overnight & developed a fever , back pain and cold symptoms . As usual we will monitor her temp and take it from there

Friday 23rd November 2012

Stacey celebrated her 7th birthday today , Big thanks to everyone that orgainised a big suprise party at The Viewpoint Club in Gravesend , The decorations that they arranged were amazing , Also a big thanks to the live band SKADEKAT that also donated there services ... Everyone Thankyou

Wed 14th November 2012

Appointment with the consultant went well and he is happy we continue with the next cycle of Irotenic acid treatment.

Wed 17th October 2012 

Results are back ... ALL CLEAR .. Fantastic news for everyone .. Keep it up Stacey ..Next we continue with Irotenic acid treatment.

Thursday 11th October 2012

Stacey has her MIBG & CT scans today.. Anxious times ahead for us all as we await the results.

Sat 15th September 2012

A fantastic day today at "Mowles Mile & Music Mayhem" thankyou to Steve Nash who orgainised and all the bands and venue for there support. 

Tuesday 11th September 2012

Consultant visit went very well today .. Next scans booked for 11th\12th October .. Very anxious times to come !!!

Sat 8th September 2012

What a fantastic day .... Football tournament & Evening went excellent... Thankyou all for coming and supporting.

Wed 15th August 2012

Consultant appointment today went well , Stacey starting her next course of Irotenic Acid.

Sat 28th July 2012

We are having our first family holiday since Stacey was diognosed.... Thankyou to the TENDER HEART charity who have kindly given us there caravan for a week at Crowhurst Holiday Park in Surrey.... We cannot wait , Stacey , Jake , Mummy & Daddy are very excited...

Monday 16th July 2012

Stacey starts her next dose of tablet treatment

Wed 11th July 2012

ITS GREAT NEWS .... Scan results are NORMAL ... this is fantastic news.............. Thankyou for all your positive strength

Sat 7th July 2012

Big Thankyou to Old Dagenham Bowls Club for there fundraising day , What a great time we all had , Stacey and Jake really enjoyed there game of Bowls.... It was a pleasure to meet everyone involved.... Thankyou

Thursday 5th July 2012

Stacey had her 2nd set of scans today, MIBG & CT ..... This will show if Stacey is still iin remission. We will get the results on Wed 11th .. Anxious times ahead

Thursday 31st May 2012


Sunday 27th May 2012

Fantastic day at The George Pub in Gravesend today, They put on a Fun Day to help raise money . What a fantastic day .. Thanks

Tuesday 24th April 2012

Well what a day RACE 4 STACE was , Steve completed more than the 26.23 miles and covered 29.20 . This was completed in around 6hrs . Big Big wll done and thanks to Steve Nash , his cyclists on route Steve Poynter, Mark Taylor & Jay Henderson, The SIx Bells for orgainised a fanastic reception on arrival....Check out the Events gallery for pictuires of the day.

Thursday 19th April 2012

Staceys scan results from her 1st scan since remission were very good - Both scans came back as Normal. So Stacey continues to fight and be in remission.

Wednesday 18th April 2012

Today we are off to The Royal Marsden to get the results of Staceys first scan results since remission in December. We are very anxious and have everything crossed.

Monday 2nd April 2012

Stacey has seen the consultant today at The Royal Marsden , He seems very happy again , dispite the last few days of coughs & colds. He is happy to start her next set of Irotenic acid , but she needs to eat a few cakes forst to put a little more weight on ... So she will start on Friday 6th April.

Sat 22nd March 2012

Choccywoccydoodah have included Stacey on there website blog !! How exciting is that . Please visit there website and take a peek : and click on BLOG

Thursday 21st March 2012

Stacey was discharged from hospital last night and sent home with antibiotics, No signs of anything from the blood cultures that were done so thats really positive. Bad news is that she will NOT be able to have her 1st MIBG scan since remission so we will be doing that long waiting game for a few more weeks yet.

Monday 19th March 2012

Stacey has almost finished her tablets and these have really taken there toll on her this time. Stacey has been unwell for a few days and today has been admitted into our local hospital as she has spiked a temperature. SHe will be admitted for a few days.

Monday 5th March 2012

Well another 2 weeks have passed and Stacey will start her next lot of tablets tomorrow ( Tuesday ). Seen the consultant today at The Royal Marsden and he is very happy with Staceys progress so far. 1st MIBG scan is booked for Friday 23rd March 2012.......

Monday 21st Feb 2012

Stacey not too well this last week , Tablets really kicking in , Rash on her face is peeling and she has upset stomach and off her food. Still smiling though as Stacey does......

Monday 13th Feb 2012

Stacey is into the 7th day of Retinoic Acid and is driving us crazy , Her mood swings are immense , Would we have it any other way .. NO lol.... This is a side affect from the treatment so we are not that worried .... She also has a small rash on her face ..............

Monday 6th Feb 2012

Appointment with consultant today at The Royal Marsden Hospital Sutton , This is for a general check up and to collect and start Staceys 2nd dosage of Retinoic Acid treatment for the next 14 days.

Appointment went well , Consultant happy with how Stacey seems . Picked up more meds .....

Monday 11th Dec 2012

After a long meeting with our consultant we have been told that Stacey is no longer eligible to have Immunerthererpy treatment in the USA / Germany or the UK . This due to her falling out of the scheduled protocal given at the start of treatment and having treatments that would be used for relapse already. We have discussed our options and all of the centres within USA and Germany barring one beleive that as Stacey took so long to respond to treatment these antibodies they are trialing would have minimal or no effect, The one hospital is  in New York and are conducting there own trial of a similar antibodie drug that currently have NO statistics as yet . There are some very high risks to this drug and the small amount of children that have taken this have developed serious side effects. We have made a decision based on this high risk unproven treatment that we will NOT be taking this offer up. Our consultant has agreed that this is the right decison and we will go ahead with Retitinic Acid treatment in Febuary 2013 and monitor Staceys condition 3 monthly.